The “Bouncy Castle” Run

Hi there,

When I seen that the Inflatable 5k Run (or as my friend liked to call it the “bouncy castle” run) was happening, I immediately assembled and invited the running squad to join and I am so glad everyone was down for it! The inner child in me was ecstatic!

When we got there, we seen the cutest dog ever, we had to take a video with it!

Cutest Dog
So fluffy!!

The obstacle courses were actually tiring, I don’t know how my friends had a boost of energy running quite a distance to powering through them. I fell quite a lot and was shoved by my friends HAHAHA.

Mind you, I haven’t ran since the Great Scottish Run half marathon last September and only had a practice run of 2km 3 days beforehand. I was tired and panting, my stamina has fallen back to square one.

Obstacle course that I gave up on and crawled underneath instead

Seeing primary school kids surpass us with their parents makes me feel so unfit. Salute to them for actually training for this and keeping their energy levels up! We seen so many runners in costume too, to name a few: Mario and Luigi, Iron Man (Body Suit, that guy must be sweating buckets), Team Captain America.

Us, we’re supposedly the Power Rangers Bandana Squad but we didn’t have all the colours :)) More like Team Cap and the Grey Crew.

Medals at the end YAY!

….and that’s another fun run in the bag! So glad to have done this with my friends. All laughs and falling over.

“I can’t believe we paid nearly £30 each just to bounce on some bouncy castles.”

Looking forward to the next fun run or half marathon hmmm still unsure.

Catching Up On May-Time

Hi there,

It has been a month since I last blogged, reason being I needed to catch up with myself. It’s been constant work for me for the first quarter of the year and I decided to take some time off on my birth month 🙂 It’s May-time. *plays NSYNC It’s Gonna Be Me*

I hit a creative block and just wasn’t happy with what I was doing, the stale routine of going to work, lessons and teaching. I also fell ill for a week which isn’t fun at all! Despite all of that, I pushed through the weeks and tried to make as much out of my social life.

I caught up with friends and family:

  • Went to see one of my favourite pianists perform, Valentina Lisitsa in Edinburgh
  • Done the Inflatable 5K Run with my friends
  • Celebrated my 22nd at Benihana with my family
  • Caught up with distant friends
  • Went to a Make up Masterclass

I missed spending time with them as I feel distant and disconnected from others.

Honestly, I have not been kind to myself lately and have been so harsh when I’m not achieving anything nor being unable to help out with my effort. I’m soul tired and in need of a retreat or holiday. I just haven’t really been paying attention to what’s going on around me and being caught up in my own thoughts – typical me eh?

A lot has happened in the past month until now! So grateful for friends and family to be there for me, reaching out does help 🙂