Falling Off Track… Still Lost and Searching

Hi there,

Lately, I’ve fallen off track with most things in my everyday life. I lost track of my purpose and found it hard to get back on track personally.

I’ve tried to search for answers through reflections, prayer and going out but I just felt disconnected to everyone and everything.

Deep down, I still lacked something and I wasn’t finding joy in what I was doing.

I guess it’s normal to feel a dip after a big win. Working towards something for so long and getting the desired result is exhilarating.

What’s odd was I felt underwhelmed during my celebrations and unsatisfied and was looking for another purpose or goal.

I’m used to being kept busy and on the go at all times but when it’s time to relax. I couldn’t do so in peace? It’s like I’ve stepped into an unknown zone.

The question of “What now?” pops into my head.

That feeling of uncertainty of the in between period before I start another phase in life.

It’s like I’m free but at the same time not as I have no direction currently. Wanting to talk to someone about this but I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.

Have you ever felt this way? If so, what did you do to get back on track?

I’ve started off again doing the things I love and yet, I still feel lost. My mind wanders off always.

Please reach out, I’d like to hear your experience.

What It’s Like to be a Kid Today: Comedy in Modernity

What It’s Like to be a Kid Today

I came across this on Facebook, and I have never laughed so hard in a long time after watching this young guy. Some things he said were true, if not, all. Such a natural at this.

I’ve had many conversations with my parents about the challenges that I face today as a student and young adult. Many times they would tell me stories about their time in high school and college.

Back then, my parents had to physically travel to places to obtain some information for their project research. Going to the library and looking for books, going to firms and interviewing people etc. when technology isn’t even a thing yet and how “easy” we have it these days with technology.

I agree with them, technology does make things easier, saves us time too! Like Dylan Roche said in the video, “We have our own sets of challenges.”

There are many restrictions nowadays and we have to be careful on how we act and behave. The world the say is quite dangerous now, having the fear of walking alone at night as something bad might happen – knock on wood, it will never happen.

Being mindful of what we say to others or what we do, people make everything their own problem nowadays – even with jokes, keyboard warriors will find fault in it. It’s like we’re constantly being watched and that we always have to keep our guard up, not knowing who to trust.

Another thing is, teachers are exactly like students. I’ve experienced this when I was in the staff room during my work experience. Like when I was a student, we talked about teachers and others in our class, even the teachers do that! Funnily, being a former student and being in that staff room was weird.

“It’s alright, you’re one of us now!”

They’re also…. humans. They laugh, they joke around, they talk bad about some students! I was so used to seeing them on a pedestal but seeing them like that, such a breath of fresh air.

This video, full of jokes reveals the realities of the modern world. It’s scary, full of expectations and oddly funny. It’s actually quite sad.

I hope you enjoyed my analysis of this video :))
What I thought was a light reflection turned into a sad one. :))

If anyone else has any recommendations for me to watch about anything, let me know!