Keep Going When You’re on The Verge of Giving Up

You may feel overwhelmed and doubtful, questioning yourself if what you’re doing is really worth it. As for many, the easiest way to get out of the struggle is to give up but that’s when you start pushing harder and keep your passion alive.

Throughout the years, I have faced many roadblocks and unsuccessful auditions. I even thought about giving up my passion to pursue Music as a career and started thinking of doing something else in a completely different field.

It may feel like the end of everything, but I learned to look at the situation in a different perspective – this isn’t the only path to getting to where you want to be, this is only a detour. I still had so much to improve on.

Let’s use a game for example, you have encountered a gate which allows you to move forward but you’re still missing that certain item that requires for you to unlock it. In my case, I still have to get more performance experience and qualifications in order for me to enter that gate to be more prepared to face whatever is ahead. Who knows you may even meet people along the way who will help you get to where you want to be.

You may have already have a plan but let’s be honest here, plans never go exactly the way you want it to. There’s always an unexpected roadblock and detour. Nothing in life is every really planned out.

The lesson is to never give up and find your way at a different angle. Do not panic when you hit that roadblock, instead look at your situation, sit still and reflect on what you still need to improve on or get. If you believe in your dream and vision, you will do whatever it takes to reach it, no matter what others say or think. Have some faith!

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